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Sci-Tek has provided engineering consulting services at airports and terminals such as Pittsburgh International Airport, Allegheny County Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia Northeast Airport, and Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport. The services we can provide include:

  • Topographic and Boundary Surveying and Mapping
  • FAA 7460 Airspace Analysis
  • Environmental Permits and Environmental Clearances
  • Site Design (Grading, Drainage, Stormwater, E&S, Pavement, Parking, etc.)
  • Utility Design and Coordination
  • Geotechnical Exploration
  • Design Services for Repair/Replacement of Deteriorated Pavement, Isolated Concrete Slabs, and Sealing of Cracks and Joints
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Environmental Field Sampling
  • Wetland Delineation

Representative Projects

Cargo 4 Building Development

Pittsburgh International Airport

Sci-Tek is providing professional land surveying and geotechnical engineering services for the development of a 16-acre site that will house Cargo 4, adjacent to the existing Cargo 3 facility at Pittsburgh International Airport. The project will include an Air Cargo Warehouse/ Processing Facility, an aircraft loading/unloading parking apron, landside access roads, and parking facility. The building includes 75,000 square feet of warehouse space and 7,300 square feet of office space across two floors. The building will feature 17 loading docks for trucks; flatbed trucks will be able to access the interior of the warehouse, which is advantageous in poor weather.

Terminal Modernization Program

Pittsburgh International Airport

The Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) at Pittsburgh International Airport relocates the Landside Terminal functions and related ground-side functions to a new facility that will be built adjacent to the Airside Terminal. It includes a new 632,000 square-foot-terminal facility with airport operations, consolidated airline operations, and all passenger and public space and a new parking and transportation infrastructure with a new roadway system, six-story parking garage, and a dedicated ground transportation center.  As a subconsultant to the team of HDR + Gensler, Sci-Tek is providing surveying and civil engineering support services.

Taxiway S
Reconstruction Design

Philadelphia International Airport

Sci-Tek provided geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting services including a subsurface exploration, infiltration testing, and Limited Phase II Environmental Site Asessment.