August 30, 2017

Geotechnical Engineering

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Although hidden, the challenges imposed by subsurface conditions are important elements associated with the design of buildings, bridges, highways, and other surface and above ground structures. Working closely with owners and architects, Sci-Tek engineers provide expert geotechnical services, including:

SUBSURFACE INVESTIGATION: Determining soil and rock properties for engineering and construction projects

GEOTECHNICAL ANALYSIS: For slope stability (landslides), settlement, acid mine drainage, and deep mine subsidence

GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN: Design of retaining walls, foundations, tunnels, dams, and earthworks

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND TESTING: Services during site preparation; fill embankment construction; and foundation construction to facilitate work in accordance with geotechnical recommendations, inclusive of nuclear density testing, test boring inspection, concrete sampling, slump and air entrainment testing, and compression test cylinder curing and testing