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Surveying is a critical first step in every type of project, big or small. The data obtained is the basis for planning, analysis, design, and
construction. Our surveying team uses the most current software and advanced technological tools such as robotic total stations, network
differential GPS with GNSS receivers, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to execute the assigned task accurately, precisely, and efficiently. Our
surveying services include:

SURVEYING AND MAPPING: High-density 3D scan data collection and point cloud mapping; boundary, topographic, wetland, land title, aerial photogrammetric control, route and volumetric, and as-built surveys for land development; transportation projects; commercial, and institutional buildings; infrastructure such as airports, water, and wastewater treatment plants; residential structures and subdivisions; and mapping of large areas.

CONSTRUCTION STAKEOUT: Services for various stages of construction, including staking specific elements for roadways, bridges, buildings, and utilities. These elements typically include curb and roadway; building corners; storm, sewer, and water lines; and erosion and sedimentation features.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Services include flood insurance elevation certificates; deed research; and legal descriptions in support of property acquisition and title insurance.