August 30, 2017

Civil Engineering

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Our growing society demands functional and sustainable infrastructure — water and waste-water conveyance and treatment, airports, roads, bridges — that supports our busy lives. Our civil engineers work with our clients, the public, and regulatory agencies to create the best possible approach to project design and planning. Our services include:

SITE CIVIL DESIGN: For grading, utilities, hardscape items (sidewalks, curbs, parking lots), stormwater management, water supply, erosion & sediment (E&S) controls, and sewer

WATER RESOURCES: To contribute to resolving regional wet weather challenges though integrated planning programs and site-specific design projects including project planning, stormwater management design, geotechnical services, water and wastewater analysis, flow and water quality monitoring, and construction and compliance inspections

DESIGN ENGINEERING: Design of civil infrastructure such as sewer, water mains, drainage facilities, dams, canals, and small structures

TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING: Surveying, right-of-way work, civil engineering, environmental assessments, and geotechnical engineering

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES: Review of submittals, requests for information, and payment applications; construction inspection services; and project closeout services