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Sci-Tek has provided engineering and consulting services for several transit and transportation engineering and planning projects. Services we offer to the transportation industry include:

Surveying and Mapping
  • Bridge and Highway Surveys
  • Boundary and Retracement Surveys
  • Topographic and H&H Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys and Construction Stake-out
Right-of-Way Work
  • Courthouse Research
  • Establishment of Alignment and Legal Right-of-way
  • Establishment of Easements and Property Lines
  • Right-of-Way Plan Preparation
Roadway and Bridge Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Plan Design
  • Drainage, Grading and Stormwater Management Design
  • Utility Engineering/Utility Coordination
  • Level 1B Categorical Exclusion Evaluations
  • Section 4(F) Evaluations and Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Hazardous and Residual Waste Site Evaluation
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Representative Projects

Waste Management and Pollution Prevention Services

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Dewberry was retained by PennDOT for an open-end agreement to provide a wide range of waste management, pollution prevention, environmental, and health & safety services. As a subconsultant to Dewberry, Sci-Tek has provided environmental services on the following task orders: Waste Oil Tank Sampling, Beaver County Mold Study, Squirrel Hill Tunnel, Liberty Tunnel , Lawrence County Mold Study, Jefferson County Mold and Dust Study, and New Castle Ground Water Investigation.

Allegheny County Capital Roads

Allegheny County Public Works

Sci-Tek was contracted to provide surveying of existing conditions and simplified right-of-way plans of sections of Patton Street Ext. (approximately 1,000 linear feet) and River Avenue (approximately 2,000 linear feet) for the Allegheny Capital Roads Project. The simplified right-of-way plans include the parcels designated as MBL 1368-L-19 and 1368-L-21 fronting River Avenue and MBL 544-M-329 fronting Patton Street Ext.

Highland Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard Intersection Improvements

Urban Redevelopment Authority of PGH

Sci-Tek provided civil engineering for the design of intersection improvements at Highland Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard. The scope of work included utility coordination and design, accessible curb ramp and sidewalk design, and construction services required for the redesign of the intersection to improve pedestrian safety, as well as, bicycle and vehicular movement. This project received the 2017 SUSTAINABILITY AWARD from the ASCE, Pittsburgh Section for turning an intersection project into lasting improvements to the environmental, economic and social conditions of the East Liberty neighborhood.