February 13, 2019

Terminal Modernization Program at Pittsburgh International Airport


Civil, Surveying

Moon Township, PA

Allegheny County Airport Authority

The Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) at Pittsburgh International Airport relocates the Landside Terminal functions and related ground-side functions to a new facility that will be built adjacent to the Airside Terminal. It includes a new 632,000 square-foot-terminal facility with airport operations, consolidated airline operations, and all passenger and public space and a new parking and transportation infrastructure with a new roadway system, six-story parking garage, and a dedicated ground transportation center.  As a subconsultant to the team of HDR + Gensler, Sci-Tek is providing the following services:


  • Provide the location and inverts of existing, visible above ground storm and sanitary sewer utility appurtenances, such as catch basins, manholes, junction boxes, culverts, etc.
  • Survey the paint marks and flags designating the locations of underground utilities.


  • Provide site evaluations for several flow monitoring sites.
  • Complete a site evaluation form including details on the site location, a sketch of the location and flow in the manhole, hydraulic conditions, flow measurements taken, access and safety conditions, debris, evidence of surcharge, and flow conditions at the time of survey.
  • Supervise the flow monitoring consultant, Drnach Environmental, to install, field calibrate, operate, maintain, and download all flow and rain data collected by the flow meters, electronic tipping bucket rain gauge, associated hardware and software.
  • Provide a final report which will include all site verification, installation, maintenance, and calibration reports; daily and monthly flow and rainfall data; and graphical format and five-minute flow and rainfall data for each monitored location.


  • As an on-site TMP field office project representative, provide site investigation coordination efforts for the surveying, utility location and test boring tasks for the investigative phase.
  • Provide weekly Activity Notification Forms to the Project Manager for each activity on the Airfield Operations Area.