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Cargo 4 Building Intermodal Freight Transfer Facilities Development


Surveying, Geotechnical

Pittsburgh, PA

Allegheny County Airport Authority

Sci-Tek provided professional land surveying and geotechnical engineering services for the development of an over 40-acre site that will house Cargo 4, adjacent to the existing Cargo 3 facility at Pittsburgh International Airport. The project will include an Air Cargo Warehouse/Processing Facility, an aircraft loading/unloading parking apron, landside access roads, and parking facility. The building includes 75,000 square feet of warehouse space and 7,300 square feet of office space across two floors. The building will feature 17 loading docks for trucks; most will come with dock levelers while others will be used specifically for Unit Loading Devices (ULDs). Flatbed trucks will be able to access the interior of the warehouse, which is advantageous in poor weather. Sci-Tek provided the following surveying and geotechnical engineering services:


    • Provided surveying and mapping of existing conditions, topography, and underground utility markings.


    • Perform geotechnical subsurface explorations for the proposed Cargo Area 4 Site, the extension westward to accommodate a reconfigured apron and building, and a fill site for excess soil/rock from proposed grading operations at the Site.
    • Present opinions (conclusions) on the fill, soil, rock, and groundwater conditions based on the data obtained at the test boring locations, visual observations, and laboratory test results.
    • Provide geotechnical engineering recommendations on the following:
      • Foundation recommendations for the Cargo Area 4 Building including depth, bearing capacity, and estimated settlement for shallow foundations.
      • Performed stability analysis for the proposed steep cut slope west of the building and for proposed multiple fill slopes located at the fill site.
      • Infiltration testing for the proposed stormwater management facilities at the site.