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Wilkinsburg Stormwater Resiliency Project – Parking Lot GSI Infrastructure

Water and Sewer

Surveying, Civil

Wilkinsburg, PA

Upstream Pittsburgh

Upstream Pittsburgh (UpstreamPgh) contracted Sci-Tek to provide site civil design services for the Wilkinsburg Stormwater Resiliency Project (WSRP)— an effort to reduce stormwater runoff from public parking lots in the Borough of Wilkinsburg.  For this project, green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) facilites will be built at the Wallace Avenue and South Avenue Parking Lots. Sci-Tek’s scope of services include:


  • Performed a topographic survey of the existing site conditions.
  • Performed a partial boundary survey of the Wallace Avenue and South Avenue Parking Lots to ascertain the location of the common boundary line between parcels.
  • Prepared an existing conditions survey drawing showing the features surveyed as well as information received as a result of the PA One Call notification.


  • Prepared a conceptual plan for each site showing existing conditions, planned improvements, and characteristics of the site such as utilities, access, area of disturbance, and staging areas.
  • Prepared stormwater flow diagrams and calculations for each site to show how stormwater is intended to move through and around the facility and to demonstrate how stormwater runoff and volume is controlled. A Stormwater Management Report was prepared summarizing all calculations and runoff controls.
  • Coordinated the client’s Landscape Designer’s Vegetation/Planting Plan with the proposed site plan to maximize stormwater capture, minimize maintenance, and ensure compliance with municipal codes.
  • Prepared construction drawings, details, and technical specifications to be included in the Request for Bid for construction of the facilities.
  • Prepared Erosion and Sediment Control Plans to be included with the Construction Documents.
  • Prepared budget construction estimates for the conceptual plan and construction documents.
  • Prepared visuals with the landscape designer for community outreach and meetings.


  • Conduct periodic observation site visits and weekly progress meetings throughout construction.
  • Assist UpstreamPgh in bid review and contractor selection.
  • Prepare as-built drawings once construction is complete.

The project is focused on the quantity and quality of stormwater entering the Nine Mile Run Stream and funded in large part by the Department of Environmental Protection Growing Greener Plus Grants Program intended to protect our waterways from nonpoint source pollution. Upstream Pittsburgh maintains at its core a commitment to equity, inclusion, and environmental justice in all of their work. As such, they played a critical role in selecting Wilkinsburg as they continue to work in neighborhoods and communities which are in large part underrepresented and underserved.