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Housing and Urban Development Home Rehabilitation Program



Pittsburgh, PA

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

Sci-Tek is providing Lead Based Paint (LBP) Inspection Services for the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) associated with its home rehabilitation programs.  In accordance with program requirements, the URA is responsible for delineating the area of LBP contamination and to have testing for clearance inspections performed. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides the funding for the services and therefore all services performed must be in compliance with their rules and regulations.  The general scope of work includes:

  • Identification of the types, locations and condition of LBP,
  • Collection of lead samples and reporting data, and
  • Identification of lead hazards and hazard reduction requirements.

An EPA accredited and Pennsylvania Licensed LBP Risk Assessor and Inspector collects lead samples within the residence utilizing an RMD Model LPA-1 lead paint analyzer, an X-Ray Fluorescence type direct reading/data-logging instrument that takes direct LBP samples without damaging the existing condition of the paint.  Sample results are electronically stored and downloaded into a spreadsheet.

In addition, dust samples are collected on each floor on the interior of the dwelling in order to more accurately assess potential lead hazards.  Soil samples are collected on the exterior of the dwelling if children under the age of five live at the residence and bare soil areas are present. Dust and soil samples are submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis of lead samples. The analytical results are compared to HUD risk assessment dust hazard levels.

Final clearance inspections are conducted after renovation work is completed. Using the initial Lead Risk Assessment Survey as guidance, the assessor meets the contractor on-site and collects lead samples in the areas that previously required remediation.