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Taxiway U and Y Reconstruction Design



Philadelphia, PA

City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation

Sci-Tek provided geotechnical engineering services for the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Taxiway U and Y Reconstruction Project including a limited subsurface exploration and asbestos testing, engineering analysis, and Geotechnical Engineering Report.  Sci-Tek’s scope of work included the following tasks:

  • Accompanied the geophysical surveyor and assisted with test boring layout and location to facilitate the survey.
  • Drilled borings on Taxiway U and Y pavement.
  • Provided a full-time project representative during drilling to observe and log drilling.
  • Selected representative samples of the fill for laboratory asbestos testing. Each sample was inspected for asbestos and the results were summarized in a written report.
  • Selected representative samples of the subgrade recovered from the test borings for materials laboratory testing of engineering properties.
  • Provided a geotechnical engineering report, including recommendations and conclusions and test boring , core logs, and materials testing laboratory results.