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Workforce Development and Training Center

Higher Education

Pittsburgh, PA

Community College of Allegheny County

The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is planning the construction of a 50,000 square foot, 3-story workforce training center to deliver instruction for a range of high-demand jobs, including those in the additive manufacturing (3D printing), IT, and culinary fields. Other features will include smart classrooms, laboratories and multi-use spaces. CCAC’s intent for this building project is to achieve a LEED Silver rating.  As a subconsultant to the architect, Sci-Tek provided the following services:

Geotechnical Services

    • Geotechnical subsurface exploration of foundations, below-grade walls, retaining walls, and earth work for the building, pavements, and sidewalks. This includes borings within the proposed building footprint as well as two additional borings for infiltration testing in the faculty and staff parking lot to support the design of subsurface detention facilities.
    • Subsurface Utility Engineering Services - to help mitigate subsurface utility risk to project stakeholders.

Surveying Services

      • Existing site conditions survey including details on existing improvements, such as curbs, shoulders, ramps, sidewalks, islands, pavement, curb inlets, signs, traffic signals and other above ground utility appurtenances, trees or tree lines, shrubs or shrub lines, parking lot and road striping.
      • A survey for lot consolidation including identification of the lots involved with proposed project based on existing deeds and a drawing with legal description of the new consolidated lot.

Environmental Services

    • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to determine past use history and recognized environmental conditions associated with the project site.

Civil Design Services

    • Site layout of hardscape items
    • Stormwater management, including incorporation of green stormwater infrastructure specifically underground detention with managed release and tree trenches
    • Grading, utilities, and erosion and sediment control plans
    • Design development documents
    • Permitting
    • Construction documents
    • Technical specifications and construction administration services

Currently in construction and a soft opening is planned for Fall 2023.

CCAC Rendering 1