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Brush Run, Herbst Hollow, Oakdale Pump Station Rehabilitation & Replacement

Water and Sewer

Pittsburgh, PA

Allegheny County Sanitary Authority

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) is undertaking the transfer of various pump station and equalization facilities under its Regionalization effort. These pump stations and equalization tanks have undergone a facility assessment to identify operational status, condition, safety concerns and capital improvement needs. Three pumping facilities have been identified for rehabilitation and include Brush Run Pump Station in Upper Saint Clair, Herbst Hollow Pump Station, in Kennedy Township, and Oakdale Pump Station in Oakdale, PA. As a subconsultant to Gannett Fleming, Sci-Tek is providing the following services:


  • Perform topographic & existing conditions surveys for the pump stations.
  • Perform boundary retracement survey on the Oakdale Pump Station site.
  • Provide 3D laser scanning of the interiors of Brush Run and Herbst Hollow Pump Stations.


  • Collect bulk asbestos samples according to current EPA sampling requirements and submit samples to a National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program laboratory for analysis.
  • Inventory hazardous materials for the buildings to identify Universal Wastes, including fluorescent bulbs, lighting ballasts, thermostats, exit signs, batteries, pesticides, and other hazardous materials.
  • Perform a lead-based paint survey by obtaining samples of painted surfaces utilizing an XRF automatic sampler and submitting paint chip samples to a National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program laboratory for analysis.
  • Prepare a written report which includes identified ACM, a list of areas containing Universal Wastes observed, lead-based paint, and recommended response actions for all.