October 30, 2017

Sustainability Projects

Uptown EcoInnovation District Plan


The EcoInnovation District Planning Project in Pittsburgh is the first of its kind.  It is a groundbreaking initiative that combines the goals of both EcoDistricts (focused on smart and efficient infrastructure and green building practices) and Innovation Districts (focused on job growth and economic opportunity).  The EcoInnovation District Plan is an opportunity to identify the ways in which redevelopment can improve the environment, support the needs of existing residents and expand entrepreneurship and job growth. The plan is focused on the Uptown and West Oakland communities which are noted for empty buildings and vacant land as well as access, infrastructure, stormwater runoff and localized air quality problems. Focusing on these areas will better connect the city centers of Downtown and Oakland.

Sci-Tek is providing planning and engineering services as a subconsultant to Interface Studio, LLC.  As part of the planning, Sci-Tek has been involved in gathering data from public forums and existing EcoInnovation districts to help develop a project plan. Our engineers have also surveyed the area to generate a profile of land, facility, infrastructure, and industrial assets. This data is being used to develop an access and parking strategy as well as identify targets for urban design strategies, including redevelopment, management, transportation, and green infrastructure. Sci-Tek provided civil engineering to develop the final EcoInnovation District Plan and assisted in developing an implementation strategy which was submitted to the City of Pittsburgh. In the future, we will be providing civil engineering services for representative public open space and green infrastructure sites identified in the plan including a topographic survey, preliminary engineering drawings, and technical specifications.

The project was praised by the World Economic Forum for “Building Resilience." Read the article. 

Hillcrest Green Infrastructure Project


Sci-Tek  is providing Construction Inspection Services for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) Hillcrest Green Infrastructure Project. The Hillcrest Project is located on a vacant lot in the Garfield neighborhood. PWSA is implementing three bioretention areas with underground storage, a walk way through the parcel, and flex pavement. This system will effectively handle runoff from 1.6 acres of impervious surfaces from the surrounding area and will be a visible asset to the community with landscaping and a walkway.

Working as a member of the AECOM construction management team, Sci-Tek is providing:

  • Continuous on-site inspection staff to ensure construction was provided in accordance with contract documents.
  • Project diaries and daily field logs which noted construction activity.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design


Sci-Tek is providing engineering services for the Philadelphia Water Department's  Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design Unit. PWD developed the Green City, Clean Waters program to meet the City of Philadelphia’s Clean Water Act obligations to reduce combined sewer overflows. Through Green City, Clean Waters, Philadelphia is using GSI to manage stormwater runoff from about 35% of the impervious surfaces in the area of Philadelphia served by the combined sewer system (approximately 10,000 acres).

Our services include the following tasks:

  • Review of green concepts for proposed (GSI) on water and sewer renewal and replacement projects
  • Advise PWD staff on proposed solutions
  • Attend monthly GSI Design group meetings to discuss best practices and recommend improvements to design standards
  • Evaluate and advise on proposed design project scopes and conceptual designs
  • Coordinate improvements to techniques and strategies for dealing with future GSI that will be constructed adjacent to vacant lots
  • Assist GSI Program Development group with the development of the GSI Strategic Plan.