July 5, 2019

Stormwater Management Practices Assessment & Inspections

Water and Sewer


Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Water Department

Sci-Tek has been assessing and inspecting stormwater management systems throughout Philadelphia, as a subconsultant to Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson. The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) implemented the stormwater management regulations to address a variety of water resource concerns including enhancing water quality, decreasing stormwater runoff and flooding frequencies, and protecting impaired streambanks and channels. A significant percentage of the stormwater goals depend on the compliance of private development projects with these regulations. Since 2006, numerous development projects were constructed with minimal oversight from PWD during construction of the stormwater management facilities due to staffing shortages.

The scope of work for the project required planning and implementing non-destructive inspections and assessments of sites and their constructed stormwater management facilities with minimal disturbance to site operations and private infrastructure. Approximately 160 sites were inspected and assessed. Currently, Sci-Tek is contracted to assess and inspect an additional 153 sites.

The stormwater management features and drainage components associated with these sites include:

  • Sub-surface infiltration and detention
  • Bio-infiltration/Bio-retention
  • Green roofs
  • Porous pavement systems (pavement, pavers, concrete)
  • Manufactured water quality devices (hydrodynamic separators or other equivalent)
  • Stormwater reuse systems (cisterns, irrigation)
  • Site drainage & pre-treatment (inlets, trench drains, yard drains, or equivalent)
  • Basin control structures (outlets, weir walls, slow release controls, level spreaders, or similar)

Sci-Tek’s scope of work included inspection planning, site inspections and performance assessments, observation reporting, as-built red-line plan mark up, and compliance reports.


  • Required as part of PWD’s compliance agreements with PADEP.
  • Ensures that privately installed SMPs are being maintained in accordance with the approved post construction stormwater management plan.