February 15, 2019

Smallman Street Redevelopment Project

Water and Sewer

Surveying, Civil

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Smallman Street, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District area, is undergoing a revitalization along five blocks between 16th and 21st streets as part of the redevelopment of the historic Produce Terminal Building. The developer’s plans for the project include expanded sidewalks widening into public terraces, a European-style plaza, restaurants and incubator office space, angled parking spaces, and steps that lead to an expanded dock along the Produce Terminal. Sci-Tek provided surveying and civil engineering services to support the design and installation of 3,650ft of 36-in and 12-inch waterlines and 4,000ft of storm and sanitary sewer lines needed to accommodate the development of the building. The existing combined sewer will be separated into individual storm and sanitary sewer systems. Sci-Tek provided:

  • Surveying Services
    • Surveyed existing storm drain and sanitary sewer utilities and the edge of pavement.
    • Surveyed utilities behind the produce building and the existing conditions and roads from the south end of the produce building.
    • Provided exhibits and written descriptions for utility easements required for the proposed water, storm & sanitary sewer lines on the western and northern sides of the building.
  • Sanitary Sewer Line Design
    • Design Support – civil design and CAD services for 1,950 lineal feet of new 42” diameter sanitary sewer line including technical specifications.
    • Maintenance & Protection of Traffic Plan (MPT) –a MPT plan for submission to the Department of Public Works to obtain a Traffic Obstruction Permit. The plan included detour methods for routing pedestrian and vehicular traffic through and around the construction area.
  • Construction Support Services
    • Provided RFI responses, submittal reviews, and as-built survey record drawings.
  • Construction Inspection Support
    • Provided field inspection of the contractor’s work inclusive of completing daily reports, tracking all pay items, and certifying that improvements have been completed in accordance with the design documents.

This PWSA project won Outstanding Project of the Year for the Society of American Military Engineers, Pittsburgh Post. The $13 million project was completed in 11 months and was one of the most ambitious and fast-paced projects of its size in the Authority’s history.

Smallman 6