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On-Call Civil Engineering for Philadelphia International and Northeast Airports


Philadelphia, PA

City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation

Sci-Tek is providing data acquisition, inspections, explorations, planning, design, and construction monitoring for the development and improvement of the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE). Working with Atkins Global, Inc. under an on-call contract for civil engineering services, Sci-Tek has provided assistance on the following tasks:

  • PHL Taxiways EE and H -- A geotechnical subsurface exploration associated with design improvements to Taxiways EE and H at PHL. The purpose of the geotechnical investigation was to observe and document fill, soil, rock, and groundwater conditions at the site. The information and analysis were provided to support taxiway pavement design. Also provided infiltration testing for stormwater management planning. Also performed a stormwater pipe inspection of three 96” corrugated metal pipes at PHL. The inspection consisted of a visual inspection of the pipes and joints for deterioration, corrosion and holes; a soundness test; assessment of the pipe floor; and documentation of the pipe conditions with supporting photographs. The inspections were conducted in accordance with OSHA regulations and requirements for Confined Space Entry. Sci-Tek provided a summary report detailing our findings.
  • PHL Roadway Pavement Condition Surveys -- Roadway pavement inspections, assessments and analysis of 6 miles of various roadways at the PHL complex. Provided a physical conditions inventory of the selected roadways and documented the length, width, and condition of the roadways. Conducted detailed visual inspections of each roadway and documented the defects, deterioration and distressed areas based on the PAVER Distress Identification Manual. The data was saved in a pavement management software program for future maintenance and repair considerations.
  • PHL Taxiways K, S, and D -- A geotechnical pavement exploration of taxiways K, S, and D at PHL in support of the evaluation of existing pavements and the design of replacement pavements. Services included the preparation and execution of a subsurface exploration program, which included; collecting and logging 6-inch diameter pavement cores, standard penetration tests, visual classification of split-spoon samples, sampling and laboratory testing of subbase and subgrade soils, and Heavy-Weight Deflectometer testing of taxiway pavements.
  • PHL River Light Pier for Runway 9R -- A geotechnical exploration and report for a River Light Pier Abutment for Runway 9R at the Philadelphia International Airport. The geotechnical exploration was performed to evaluate the subsurface strata of soil, deep sediment and underlying bedrock at the pier abutment. The information and analysis was used for the light pier upgrades. The exploration consisted of review of as-built pier construction drawings and geotechnical information, the advancement of one 80-foot deep boring for laboratory testing and analysis, and recommendations based on visual observations and laboratory test results. Sci-Tek also provided construction inspection services for the installation of driven pipe piles for the abutment.
  • PNE Runway 6-24
    • Pavement Inspection -- Limited pavement exploration of Runway 6-24 including the coordination of laboratory testing on pavement cores and soil samples and Heavy-Weight Deflectometer (HWD) testing.
    • Stabilized Recycled Asphalt Pavement Investigation -- An additional geotechnical exploration of Runway 6-24 to collect pavement materials and conduct a cement treated mix design using these materials to establish the cement content to be used for a cement treated base.
    • Additional Pavement CoresAn additional geotechnical exploration of 12 pavement borings along RWY 6‐24 including pavement cores to document the depth and condition of the asphalt pavement, and sampling and classification of the subbase and subgrade materials.
    • Asbestos Testing of Existing Soil Samples – Asbestos testing of the existing asphalt, subbase and subgrade samples from RWY 6-24.
  • PNE Proposed Taxiway H Modification -- A limited subsurface exploration of the existing pavement of Taxiway H and a proposed 200-ft long (approximate) connecting ramp between Runway 6-24 and Taxiway H.
  • PNE Runway 15-33 Comparison -- A limited subsurface exploration of the existing pavement of two sections of Runway 15-33, managed the HWD testing, and provided the data obtained at the test borings, and laboratory test results to Atkins for their use and analyses.
  • PHL Proposed Taxiway K2 -- A geotechnical subsurface exploration to facilitate design of new pavement for proposed Taxiway K2. Provided test boring logs and summarized the data obtained at the boring locations and laboratory test results.
  • PHL Taxiways K4, K5 and J -- A geotechnical subsurface exploration to facilitate design of improvements to existing Taxiways K4, K5 and J. Provided test boring logs, laboratory test results, and summarized the data obtained at the boring locations. Provided Heavy-Weight Deflectometer test results.
  • Asbestos Testing PHL Taxiway K -- Asbestos laboratory testing from composite samples prepared from remaining split-spoon soil samples collected from previous subsurface explorations at PHL Taxiways K-2, K-4, and K-5.
  • PNE Runway 6-24 Rehab / Geotech Augusta Stockpile – A geotechnical subsurface exploration and topographic survey of a large stockpile of soil, which is located at the west corner of the airport property near the intersection of Red Lion and Academy Roads. Services included: Performing laboratory soils testing for mechanical properties and corrosivity; provide test boring logs of the data obtained at the boring locations, and laboratory test results; perform topographic survey of the large stockpile of soil and provide an estimate of the volume of stockpiled material.