August 30, 2017

Environmental Engineering

Water sample. Hand in glove collects water from a puddle in a test tube. Analysis of water purity, environment, ecology - concept. Water testing for infections, harmful emissions

Sci-Tek can help individuals and organizations do their part. Whether the site is an industrial brownfield or undeveloped greenfield, our expertise and experience in environmental consulting helps our clients eliminate the uncertainties that can lead to unexpected development project costs. Our environmental services include:

ASSESSMENTS: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to determine current and past use and history, observe recognized environmental conditions (REC), document storage tanks, and review permits/documentation; Phase II ESAs to test for the presence of RECs through soil and groundwater collection; NEPA Environmental Assessments

INSPECTION AND TESTING: Asbestos, mold, lead paint and hazardous building materials surveys; abatement design; technical specifications; cost estimates; and air monitoring

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: Terrestrial and aquatic studies, wetlands evaluations, and environmental clearances

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION: Site characterization and remediation plans, remedial designs, and regulatory clearances