Sci-Tek's four principal areas of expertise combine synergistically to offer clients a single source for answers that create a better world for all.


Sci-Tek’s residential facility services are offered in areas of site civil design, environmental assessments, geotechnical engineering, and construction services. Example projects include;

Site Civil Design:

Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA)

  • Allegheny County Housing Authority (ACHA): Sci-Tek provided site civil design services for Astorino on two ACHA properties as part of professional design, consulting, and construction administration services to modernize the sites in compliance with current building codes and green building initiatives.

    Sci-Tek provided a site survey and site civil design for improvements on the exterior of the buildings. Specifically: landscaping, entrance signage, benches, site concrete and asphalt (paving, curbing, steps, sidewalks, retaining walls, etc.), site lighting, parking patios, exterior entry doors, exterior steps, ramps, and railings. Existing conditions were modified as required for Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) and other applicable code compliance.

    Sci-Tek assessed current conditions and met with Astorino to understand the project scope and goals. Sci-Tek then prepared a final design incorporating modifications to the existing site layout required to meet ACHA and Astorino project requirements.

  • Residential Developments: A Sci-Tek Senior Engineer provided design services for new water and sewer systems for numerous residential developments, including design of new water and sewer lines, lift stations and pumps; cost analyses, and preparation of bid specifications.

Environmental Assessments:

  • Bakery Square: Sci-Tek conducted a Lead Based Paint (LBP) survey for Walnut Capital at the Former Nabisco Plant located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. The scope of work for this new condominium and apartment complex included identification of the types, locations and condition of Lead Based Paint, collections of lead dust and soil samples. A written report was provided which included identified lead hazards, hazard reduction requirements, and our finding and conclusions.

  • Mon Valley Initiative, Jones Avenue: Sci-Tek was contracted to conduct an Asbestos/Hazardous Materials Survey and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at 713 Jones Avenue located in Braddock, PA. This ESA was limited to a site walk-over, visual observations, and a search of commercially available public records to find evidence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) including underground storage tanks, buried drums and stained surface soils that would indicate previous spillage or leakage from storage tanks or drums on the sites.

  • Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Pittsburgh, Centre AvenueUrban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Pittsburgh, Centre Avenue: Sci-Tek was contracted to conduct an environmental assessment and remediation of several residential parcels, a gas station, and a restaurant in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh. The project included Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, preparation of asbestos abatement technical specifications, environmental remediation, UST removal, and construction (remediation) monitoring services.

  • Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh (HACP): Sci-Tek assisted the Authority in compliance with HUD, EPA, and PA DEP Lead Safe Housing regulations. The scope of work included the surveys of HACP properties to locate hazardous materials, Lead Base Paint (LBP) inspections and risk assessments, and other services. The surveys included sample collection, analysis of suspect materials and written reports. Preparation of design documents for abatement, air monitoring, contractor surveillance, and on call technical assistance was also provided. Sci-Tek has completed projects at more than 30 HACP sites covering 91% of the HACP facilities. Many of these projects required immediate assessments and reporting to meet project timelines.

  • Abatement Design Services for Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh (HACP): Working with the project Architect, Sci-Tek performed an asbestos containing materials (ACM) and hazardous materials survey and provided a written report, which included opinions on locations, conditions, and recommendations on the response actions at four locations: Addison Terrace, Coleridge Street, North View Heights, and Balver Avenue. Sci-Tek also provided technical specifications and a cost estimate associated with abatement of ACM and hazardous materials.

Geotechnical Engineering:

  • Elsie Johns Design and Mine Gas Remediation: Sci-Tek provided a design and remediation effort to eliminate the infiltration of mine gas into a residential structure. The scope of work included a review of existing project data and information and a survey of the basement pertaining to the location of the exterior walls, interior stone wall near the rear of the building, chimneys, privacy wall, water heaters, furnaces, and stairs. The survey also included 1st and 2nd story room size and location in order to ascertain bearing walls and a sketch of 1st floor joint locations. Engineering design calculations and sketches were provided for the passive barrier system for the black damp gas, including design of replacement walls and floors. Engineering drawings were furnished which detailed the survey data, plans, sections, details, elevations, and notes.

Construction Services:

  • Abatement Monitoring for Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Pittsburgh: Sci-Tek conducted technical oversight, including visual inspections and air monitoring services during asbestos abatement at the Technology Center at Lexington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. The asbestos containing material (ACM) abatement was completed in two different tasks. The abatement of interior ACM materials involved the removal of window glazing, transite duct, roof flashing, floor tile and mastic, duct covering, and fire doors. Exterior abatement included the removal of asbestos paint.

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