Sci-Tek's four principal areas of expertise combine synergistically to offer clients a single source for answers that create a better world for all.


Sci-Tek has been providing Civil and Environmental Engineering
and Consulting Services to airports since 1998.

Sci-Tek provides expert services for the Aviation Industry. Our scope of services for airport improvement projects include civil, environmental and geotechnical engineering inclusive of plans and specifications, construction documents, bid assistance and construction management service.

Sci-Tek engineers are familiar with FAA Advisory and Circulars for design of airfield pavements, drainage structures, utility connections, and preparation of specifications.  Sci-Tek has prepared FAA Form 7460-1, "Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration" for approval of airfield work and utilities. In addition, Sci-Tek has prepared design studies and engineering plans, reviewed shop drawings and change orders, provided written reports and certifications, and written construction specifications. Example projects include:

Airfield Engineering and Design

Pavement Modifications at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT):  Sci-Tek participated in the Runway 14/32 Pavement Rehabilitation project at the PIT.  Sci-Tek's scope of work consisted of isolated slab replacements and patching for the runway, select taxiways, and shoulders which were in need of full depth pavement reconstruction.  Sci-Tek also provided an erosion and sedimentation control plan, technical specifications, cost estimates, NPDES Permit applications, and evaluated the stormwater sewer pipes and catch basins. 

Civil Engineering

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design for Pittsburgh International Airport:  The Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) is building a wastewater treatment plant to collect and treat fugitive deicing and anti-icing chemicals which flow into nearby streams.  As a subconsultant to CDM Smith, Inc., Sci-Tek provided civil engineering and permitting for a new 11 MGD Deicing Wastewater Treatment Plant at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  Sci-Tek's civil engineering included the design of a force main, pump stations, potable water line, stream diversion structure, an effluent discharge line, a sanitary sewer line relocation, containment basin liner system, and an erosion and sedimentation controls plan for water impoundments and plant installation.  Wetwell design for each pump station was based on the Hydraulic Institute’s confined wetwell criteria.  Force main design included an examination of water hammer conditions.  Permitting activities included assistance in obtaining a NPDES permit for wastewater discharge, dam permits for the new dam at the facility and permits for improvements to the existing impoundments.  Sci-Tek also developed construction specifications, prepared process and instrumentation diagrams and provided construction management assistance.

Stormwater Management Plan at Connellsville Airport:  Sci-Tek assisted Michael Baker, Jr. with the design and permitting of modifications to Runway 5/23 at the Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport in Lemont Furnace, PA to address their FAA regulatory deficiencies.  Sci-Tek prepared the stormwater management plan, specifications, cost estimates, erosion and sediment control plan, and NPDES permit application for the proposed fill embankment and runway improvements.

Environmental Assessment and Remediation

Environmental Assessments at Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County Airports:  Sci-Tek provided environmental services for the development of nearby industrial property and runway modifications. Several Phase I environmental assessments were completed in accordance with ASTM standards; tasks included field investigations, historical records research, coordination with utility companies, and interviews with neighbors to identify environmental conditions.  Phase II assessments included asbestos surveys and lead paint investigations.  The sites investigated were up to one thousand acres in size.

Environmental Permitting and Compliance Assistance

Water Quality Sampling Services at Pittsburgh International Airport:  Sci-Tek is providing field services to sample and analyze water quality in adjacent streams, as required by the NPDES permit, for ethylene glycol management. Four types of sampling are conducted at more than 20 locations: baseline, before the start of the deicing season to establish base water quality levels; periodic, every two or three weeks during the deicing season; intensive, using automatic composite samplers to collect daily samples at two locations; and full scale, during extreme weather events.  Related tasks include staff gauging to determine flow in streams, field measurements using portable instruments, and qualitative data reviews of all in-site measurements.

Geotechnical Engineering

Annual Dam Inspections:  Sci-Tek annually inspects the detention basin and stormwater pond dams for the Pittsburgh International Airport.  This includes conducting field visits and generating reports with conclusions and recommendations for corrective action.  A registered professional engineer evaluates dam conditions and prepares a final report with sketches and photos.  The reports are in complience with PADEP guidance document (“Inspection, Maintenance, and Operations of Dams in Pennsylvania”) regulatory and permit requirements.

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