Sci-Tek's four principal areas of expertise combine synergistically to offer clients a single source for answers that create a better world for all.

Electric Utility

Sci-Tek offers expert engineering and consulting services to help electric utilities make the necessary improvements to upgrade infrastructure and increase capacity, including:

Transmission Line Engineering and Consulting

Environmental Consulting Services, such as Phase I & Phase II Site Assessments; asbestos, lead paint, and hazardous materials testing; NEPA environmental studies; and permitting are offered to assist with route and site selection.

Geotechnical Investigations,namely subsurface investigations to support structure site selection and foundation design, including test borings, soil and rock sampling, and a written report containing findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Substation Design and Engineering Services

Sci-Tek engineers can provide site civil design, environmental assessments, and geotechnical investigations associated with design, construction, refurbishment and maintenance of substations.

Site Civil Design - inclusive of topographic survey, stormwater, erosion and sedimentation, and grading plans, and preparation of construction specifications.

Environmental Site Assessment services such as Phase I ESAs, site characterization studies and environmental remediation.

Geotechnical Investigations, such as subsurface explorations to determines soil and rock properties for foundation design.

Disposal Facility Engineering and Consulting Services

Including conceptual and detailed site plans, environmental assessments, permitting, geotechnical investigations, and construction materials testing for coal combustion product management facilities, landfills, and impoundments.

Conveyor System Design: Sci-Tek Sr. Engineer Jack Harding, P.E. provided engineering design and review of erosion and sedimentation control plans for the permitting of six miles of a conveyor system to transport coal in Southern PA and Northern WV. Duties included detailed calculations, plan preparation and permit applications for the PA Department of Environmental Affairs and the WV Department of the Environment.

Construction Management Services

Certified and experienced engineers and technicians for construction materials testing and building quality assurance and control.

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